Hello, I’m Zosh.
A Product Designer & Educator.

Currently I lead design at Zesty.io, a CMS for enterprises to build content-rich websites and apps. Outside of that I spend my time mentoring designers in the job search at Pathrise and building UX Library, a one stop site to learn UX.

Previously I designed for Pathrise, CryptoBriefing, ISDI, and A&R.


Pathrise Mentor Dashboard

Establishing a data driven mentorship culture at Pathrise using design


🔒 Making Interview Support Easier & More Efficient

Empowering mentors with tools to share resources & notes with fellows efficiently


🔒 Bringing Clarity to Fellow's Schedules

A revamp of the schedule experience that resolved critical usability issues & significantly reduced support costs


🔒 Reducing Our Cost Per Lead Down by 300% and other growth stories

How we made high conversion Facebook Ads, Landing Pages, and Lead Magnets


🔒 Making News Insightful at CryptoBriefing

Pioneering the vision of an investing news experience for first time crypto investors


🔒 Crafting UX Library 2.0

How I built and rebuilt a one-stop website for UX resources that grew our audience to 100k annual visitors and international reach by 344%!

I've also taught design and business analytics to 3000+ students!

Since 2017, I’ve been teaching UX Design and Business Analytics. I've taught for the University of Washington, Adobe, ISME (now Atlas University), Pathrise, DubsTech, Collearn, Coding with Kids, Let’s Level Up, and Great Learning.

I’ve been privileged to teach and mentor over 3000+ students at these institutions, helping them get jobs at companies like:

If you'd like me to add meaningful value to your school, job search, or career, schedule a call with me or send me a message.

And been a data scientist for multiple data labs & organizations

While studying at the University of Washington, I worked as a data scientist at multiple data labs and also specialized in Data Science. I now use data to empower my design process, work as BI consultant, and teach data analytics.

Below are a few of my publicly available projects.

Mass Shootings Dashboard: Highlighting the severity of mass shootings in 2016 in the United States of America
Seattle Collisions BI Report: Empowering the Seattle Department of Transportation with tools to make Seattle's roads safer
CS For All Dashboard: Made to help Washington state make informed resource allocation decisions for K-12 Computer Science education
Best Death Bowlers in the IPL Dashboard: Sports Analytics done for the IPL 2021 Auction

A little bit more about me


Since I was 4, I've been learning computers. In fact I learned HTML, MS Office, and Photoshop all before the 8th grade! And this passion for creating things digitally continued even going into college for my degrees.

Master of Science in Information Management

University of Washington • 2021

Bachelor of Science in Informatics: Human Computer Interaction & Data Science

University of Washington • 2019


While at university, I loved to participate in competitions  outside of class. Because of this, I got a chance to work on exciting projects that were appreciated by many (including Samsung & Expedia!).

Best Product Pitch

Product Management Class • 2021

Samsung Best in Show

Samsung App Dev Hackathon • 2019

Top 100 Design Students in USA

Design Nation (by Business Today) • 2018 & 2019

Husky Impact Award

University of Washington • 2019

Expedia Best in Show

Seattle Startup Weekend • 2016

Intex Award for Best UI

Color the Web @ Xenith • 2015